Building trust by exceeding customers expectations by always being on time and never exceeding the price.
By attracting and investing in the Best Technicians available we have the best team in Waterloo Region.
By utilizing the best technology we build trust with our customers with full transparency on every repair.

Innovative technology with a tradition of excellence.

Car manufacturers are producing the highest quality and most complex vehicles ever. We are here to manage our client’s vehicle maintenance and repair requirements in a cost effective, efficient manner.

The entire staff attend ongoing training and information courses in order to keep up with latest technology and advances in the automotive industry. Continual investment in diagnostic and repair equipment keeps us on the leading edge of technology, making Jerry Zister’s Sales & Service the dealership alternative.

Our entire team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations during every visit and we look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your vehicle.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Just want you to know that you did your job once again and thank you  for that thoroughness as always! Spent a quoted, guaranteed, listed and confirmed, amount of dollars. I received an accurate sense of my vehicle life and potential pre problems and weaknesses. Mine is 2009, and you had to  accomplish a thorough, some 159? point check, that included  everything that might go wrong, and things that were still “up to snuff”.
You’d taken pictures of the possible failure points, and actually show these in the official paper work tally and pictorials. Arrow marks in the pictures,”current” in my evaluation, were beyond what I’d expected and really are informative. Keep up these tactics. Valuable to my mind, and to all that are considering changes.
There are mechanics, … and then there are mechanics
Best “heads up” evaluation dollars, that I might spend.
Cheers to you for your honesty, and integrity!